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Financing & Insurance

Tailored finance and insurance solutions for your business.
Thank you for visiting the Arrow Truck Sales website. In addition to selling used trucks and trailers, we can also provide financing and insurance solutions for your vehicle.
Combine the financial advantages offered by Volvo Financial Services (VFS) with the unmatched customer service provided by Arrow Truck Sales by financing your vehicle with us.

Finance your truck with Volvo Financial Services.


How to Finance Your Purchase with Arrow

Each country has its own leasing terms and conditions that apply, determined by its local VFS office.

Financing Made Easy

3. Credit approval is
made from local VFS
5. Pick-Up or Delivery
Financing made easy.
1. Select your vehicle
2. Finance and insurance
offer prepared by VFS
4. All relevant documents are
prepared and awaits signature
and down payment from you
6. When truck arrives in home
country it will be registered
with support from VFS
7. Contract will then be active!
Financing made easy.
Select your vehicle
Get a quote
Credit approval
Sign and pay down payment
Choose pick-up or delivery
Get your truck
Contract is active

We’ll Walk You Through the Process

We will contact you in your language about financing details.

Each country has its own leasing terms and conditions that apply, determined by its local VFS office.

Why You Should Choose VFS as Your Partner

We adapt.
We can support customers from several European countries through our office in Ludwigsfelde, Germany.
We understand.
Our staff understands your needs and knows what you expect from a professional finance and insurance provider.
We customize solutions.
We offer tailor-made solutions in a one-stop shop experience.
We are efficient.
We are fast and we are easy to do business with because we understand your business.
We help you grow your business.
By using our solutions, you can preserve your credit line with your bank and use that for other things your business may need.
We establish partnerships.
We strive to build long-term relationships with our customers. We will treat you right, every time.
We speak your language.
Go through the whole process, from request to contract, all in your language.

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Our representatives will help you find a financing option that is right for your business.

Insurance as Unique as You

Discover our personalized insurance policies, designed perfectly to match your vehicle and business needs. With insurance from VFS, you can travel care-free and keep your mind focused on the road ahead.

We offer insurance to a wide-range of European countries.

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Our representatives will help you find a financing plan right for your business.

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